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Common Questions and Answers

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Q.   How old should my dog be before I consider training?

A.   Three (3) months of age. This is normally when a puppy receives permanent inoculations and can be safely exposed to new and different surroundings. However, the puppy actually starts learning at a much earlier age. This is a critical time at which point many "bad habits" may be averted. The longer "bad habits" go unchecked, the harder they are to reverse.

Q.   Can dog training be performed humanely?

A.   Yes, using the Kamer Praise Technique, developed exclusively for our school by Michael Kamer. A training curriculum will be prescribed for your dog after a free evaluation.

Q.   What methods of training do you offer?

A.   We offer boarding and training for those dogs whose owners are on busy schedules. We also offer individual lessons with owner participation at the school, as well as in the privacy of your home.

Q.   What do you offer with regard to care and feeding of dogs boarded and trained?


    1)   A full variety of high quality dog foods are available to suit each dog’s individual diet.

    2)   All dogs are brushed daily and bathed regularly. This is included as part of our dogs’ care during training.

    3)   Training is tailored to each dog’s specific temperament.

    4)   The School is supervised 24 hours per day, every day.

    5)   The kennels are sanitized daily and disinfected weekly.

    6)   All dogs are trained on lawns landscaped with flowers and trees.

    7)   We have the services of three (3) veterinarians to care for your dog’s every need.

Q. What courses do you offer?

A. Please see the Curriculum page.

Please also see the informative page covering "Little known Facts" / "Tips and Suggestions".

For more information, please see the book "Successful Dog Training" and the video "Training Your Best Friend" that each give step by step proven training techniques that are invaluable tools in acquiring, training and caring for your dog.

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